Read This Before Visiting Chevrolet Dealers In Nashville TN

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When it comes to the auto industry, there’s one record that has never been broken, in 1916, 55 percent , over half of all the cars sold and used in the world were Model T Fords. It’s a record that Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN would like to see changed. One of the ways in which they hope to encourage the sales of Nashville gmc, Nashville Buick and Nashville Chevrolet through Nashville chevrolet dealers, is by applauding the impact of woman in the auto industry.

When we think about the automobile industry, we don’t often consider the impact of women. By 1923, 173 inventions for new cars had been reported and these inventions were pioneered advances in automotive technology by women. They include the carburetor, the electric starter and windshield wiper, which was invented in 1905 by Mary Anderson after the noticed how hindered the visibility of trolley and automobile driver’s on a rainy day. Without these advances in automotive technology, Chevrolet dealers Nashville wouldn’t have much of a product to sell.

Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN know that while women have made great pioneered advances, they are also the best customer. Women buy 60 percent of all new cars, influence 80 percent of all new car buying decisions and spend over 65$ million on new and used cars and trucks. Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN are well aware of this, and they offer a great deal of respect to their customers of the female persuasion. They have tailored their marketing to selling their cars to women.

Chevrolet dealers in nashville TN know what having a reliable vehicle means for a woman. It’s a security blanket, it’s an extension of her personality that has a 25 percent chance to be named to relay that individuality according to Colorado State University Psychology Professor Jacob Benfield. Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN keep quite a few cars in stock that are economically sound, fuel efficient and safe for everyone in the family. These cars are practical and sporty, surprisingly for woman, the look of their car is just as important as the style of the close they wear. If Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN don’t have the car that you’re looking for, any one of the Nashville car dealerships will be more than happy to guide you to the product you’re looking for.

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