Looking For a Newspaper in Rochester? Here are Three Places to Look

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Do you live in the Rochester NY area? Are you a little bit sick of the news sources that you have access to on a daily basis? Here are a few tips to help you find the best Rochester New York newspapers and alternative sources of news in a more general sense.

1. Though this might seem obvious when you are looking for Rochester newspapers these days, but you should start your search on the internet. There are tons of interesting bloggers and independent news sites these days that you will be able to find in order to give you the best information possible. There was a time when all you could do was go to the big mainstream news sources for the news that you are interested in, but that day is no more.

2. If you are not so much a fan of the internet but you still wan to find the best Rochester new york newspapers, then you might just want to look at some of the smaller local papers that are available to you. They might not have the same freedom in writing and covering local stories that those that are published on the internet might have, but you are probably still going to find great news with great writing as well.

3. Another place that you might want to look for the best local news is actually your local independently owned coffee shop. Some of the most interesting independently made local newspapers can be found at these kinds of venues and if you are looking for an alternative to the more boring and mainstream newspaper choices that are usually available to you, then you should check them out. See more.

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