Without A Next Generation Network, You Could Be IN Big Trouble

Mobile security

There are almost 10,000 malicious websites that Google detects every twenty four hours, including those which are normally of a legitimate nature but have been hijacked by malware; and if you do not want to be part of this problem, then you need a next generation network. A proper next generation network can protect your company from threats both outside and inside your walls, the latter of which tends to be one of the biggest threats to your data and systems because employees have more access already. A powerful enterprise firewall can work even harder to keep outside threats out which means that in combination with your intrusion detection system, you will be able to repel internal and external threats at the same time.

Spyware is a type of malware that gets installed on computers to collect information about those using them without their knowledge and one of the only ways to stop this problem in its tracks is with a next generation network. In July of 2008, a San Francisco city administrator locked out everyone from a critical network and then refused to unlock everything, but you can stop problems like this from happening with a powerful next generation network. An intrusion prevention system will go a long way toward stopping any diabolical plots from being hatched within your business and at the same time, you will keep your network running smoother.

More than three quarters of organizations claimed that their reputation was somehow tarnished by a cyber attack, and the only way to combat such threats is with the addition of a next generation network. You will find that having a proper network security platform can help you make great strides toward not only preventing cyber attacks, but bouncing back from the ones you get quickly. It can take time to come back from cyber attacks and you should be prepared.

Your next gen network security will give you real time data about what is going on in your world. This is important because you will be able to see the threats that the system has successfully repelled. In doing so, you will be able to get an idea of where you can ramp up security.

In the end, your business will never be bulletproof, but it can be safer with a next gen network. By having one in place, you will help your business succeed without compromising its integrity. Instead, it will be totally coveted.

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