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Finding the right lawyer is paramount if you feel you have been injured through negligence or some other type of mistake. These could be auto accidents or medical mistakes that have brought some sort of harm. There is a dizzying array of statistics about why finding the right lawyer is important if you need help with lawsuits of this type.

The National Center for Health Statistics states that about 31 million injuries require medical assistance each year in the United States. About $70 billion dollars are spent each year on medical costs, as well as compensation for falls, slips, and trips. Medical mistakes can cause an average of 98,000 deaths per year. Finding the right lawyer can help you if you feel you were a victim of medical problems or malpractice.

The Department of Justice of the United States found that lawsuits resulting from auto accidents have the highest plaintiff success rate, with about 60 percent of all car injury lawsuits ending in their favor. Now finding the right lawyer or auto accident injury attorney can help you become one of those success stories.

Finding the right lawyer can also help you with the different statutes of limitations. Every state has a different time limits in which to file accident lawsuits. If you try to file after this time limit, your case will be thrown out of court. Again, finding the right lawyer will help you avoid this mistake.

You may also find yourself finding the right lawyer for a defective product injury. In these cases, an attorney will need to be knowledgeable about the different laws regarding timing and other issues for filing these types of lawsuits.

If you have been injured on the job, finding the right lawyer to work with you on workers compensation or work injury claims is essential. These injured at work lawyers know the ins and outs of this benefit program and will be able to determine your eligibility, as well as help you through the process.

Finding the right lawyer often depends on your individual situation. You will want to find the best lawyer for your case. Make sure that your potential lawyer specializes in the type of lawsuit you are considering.
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