Search Engine Stats Show the Value of SEO

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Every day, web users from around the world visit sites like Google to perform billions of searches. Many of them are trying to conduct product research or even purchase a new item. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the search engine industry is now worth some 16 billion dollars. In order to take advantage of that trend, many businesses will try to develop SEO strategies that allow them to improve their search engine position and become more visible. In the competitive marketplace of today, a strong web presence featuring SEO is more than a luxury, it is a must for businesses looking to expand.

A recent study by the ad network Chitika confirmed that sites with the highest search engine positions receive the most traffic. According to the study, roughly a third of search traffic on Google goes to the top ranked site. This means that businesses who are able to earn that ranking will see a significant increase in traffic and be able to set themselves apart from their competition. In the long run, this could prove vital to success.

While being able to increase Google position all the way to the top spot is highly beneficial, that does not mean that businesses should not be at least partially satisfied with a first page ranking. Sometimes, it can be almost impossible to earn a top spot, especially for some of the most highly contested keywords. However, according to the Chitika study, the remaining sites on the first page of results still received a large amount of visitors. From second to fifth, sites received 17.6, 11.4, 8.1, and 6.1 percent of web traffic. So working to improve website rankings and getting on just the top page, if not the top overall ranking, can still be beneficial to businesses.

Although it might be OK at times to settle for a top five ranking, settling for the second page will not likely help businesses grow. The study found that more than 91 percent of all web traffic generated from searches went to websites located on the first page. Though some might think that they will be able to get customers if they are linked on the second page, the reality is that less than five percent click on sites listed beyond the first page. So making the investment to bolster search engine rankings is necessity for any company looking to build a larger customer base.

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