Personal injury attorney Las Vegas FAQ

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Personal injury law refers to the type of tort law wherein one party has caused an injury to another party. The injury may be physical, mental or emotional injury. The injury is also generally caused by negligence and in some cases by defamation. Examples of personal injury are car accident, work related injury, diseases or accident, assault, accidents at personal property, product defects and medical negligence. If you have been involved in any of these and are wondering if you should contact a personal injury attorney las vegas or criminal defense attorney Las Vegas, here are some FAQ about attorney in Las Vegas which will provide you with some useful information.

Do you need an injury attorney Las Vegas? Yes, it is best to have your personal injury lawyer las vegas by your side. For example, you can get more for your claim than when you settle with the insurance company. In fact, this is the reason why many insurance companies try to settle with the victims as soon as possible. They know that once the victim talks to an attorney in Las Vegas, the victim will get more than their initial offer. Moreover, it is common for injury cases to be covered by different policies of the insurance. You can even claim from your own insurance. It is best therefore to consult with a Las Vegas attorney.

Would it be cheaper and simpler to simply accept the offer of the insurance company? No, on the contrary, insurance companies will generally settle as fast as they could by sending their adjuster to your home or office with a check. This would seem the best deal but generally the law gives you years to bring your claim because some injuries get worse over time or the symptoms occur only months or years after the injury. If you settle now, you cannot file for further claim later. Moreover, many insurance companies will ask you to give your statement. Do not do this because it can be used against you. If you have an attorney in Las Vegas, you can tell them to just talk to your attorney.

What if you cannot afford an attorney in Las Vegas? This is not really a problem because the initial consultation with an attorney in Las Vegas is generally free. Many attorney in Las Vegas do not charge their clients for the initial consultation so you will not spend a dime. Now, during the consultation you can tell the attorney that you do not have the money for an attorney and ask if they will accept your case on contingent. If not, then you can find another attorney in Las Vegas who will be willing to do so. This will not be a problem because many good attorney in Las Vegas accepts contingent for personal injury cases.

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