Four Dogs Breeds That Won’t Leave You Sneezing

Cavachon puppy breeders

If you don’t know the advantages of having a dog, you’re surely missing out. They don’t call “Man’s Best Friends” for nothing, after all. Raising a dog is indeed just about as familial as cozying up near an opulent fireplace and exchanging Christmas gifts under the warmth of a holiday tree. In fact, WebMD reports that owning a pet to interact with can sometimes help decrease high blood pressure and anxiety in a person.

But for some people, buying a puppy is totally out of the question because of their allergies. Indeed, some folks suffer cruelly from dog, cat, and other pet allergies that prevent them from truly enjoying the companionship of the world’s most classic dog breeds — the Golden Retrievers, the Labradors, and the German Shepherds. That’s not to say, however, that all is lost.

While some argue that hypoallergenic dogs don’t really exist, the fact remains that certain dogs shed far, far less than others. Those with pet allergies are typically affected by the saliva, the dander, and the hair of certain breeds, but dogs that have been labeled “hypoallergenic” tend to produce less of these harmful agents. The end result is having a dog you can get close to and not fear some kind of severe allergic reaction. That’s one of the advantages of having a dog that’s hypoallergenic. So, where should you begin looking for an adorable pooch that won’t leave you itchy and sneezy? Consider this your guide to buying a puppy that’s hypoallergenic and cute to boot.


Cuddly and cute, these hypoallergenic pups are actually crosses between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Bichon Frises. Unlike other tiny, toy-sized dogs, Cavachons aren’t typically vocal or aggressive around other dogs and even cats. Expect a sporty, friendly companion that also does really well around children.

Yorkshire Terrier

For a louder bark and a fiercer demeanor, opt for these feisty little pups. You won’t have to worry about aggressiveness (especially when they’re inside your home), but Yorkshire Terriers make excellent watchdogs because they’re simply not afraid of larger dogs and other beings that are double their size. When it comes to the advantages of having a dog, these caramel-colored pups can provide endless hours of amusement and fun.


Who can resist the classic pomp of a Poodle? Surprisingly intelligent given their show dog reputation, Poodles also make great hunting partners, though the larger ones tend to do a lot better outdoors than their toy-sized brethren. Proud, beautiful, and elegant, a Poodle never lets you down.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

For a larger best friend to play around with, opt for one of these extremely trainable, kid-friendly, and adaptable terriers. Their longer coat gives them a more sporty appearance, and the fact that they’re often playful and full-spirited only seals the deal. Every pet owner is different, just like every pet is different, and that’s especially true for these kinds of terriers.

Now you know where to start looking for your new best friend. Whether you’re perusing pet shops or getting in contact with breeders, consider this puppy buying guide only the beginning. The best suggestion? Do a lot of research, but you’ll know the right puppy once you hold him/her. Find out more here.

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