Write Your Own Ticket to a Perfect Retirement With Your Self Directed Checkbook IRA!

Self directed ira checkbook control

IRA funds, as reported to the EBRI, make up approximately 26.5 percent of all retirement holdings in the USA, and the total amount of assets for IRA funds in America are calculated to add up to about 1 trillion U.S. dollars. On average, individuals who have Roth IRAs contributed $3,335 in 2011. In 2012, more than three quarters of those Americans conducting withdrawals from their IRAs were at least 55 years of age. Some of those people had self directed checkbook IRAs, which are IRA types that permit each investor to maintain control of his assets, as well as providing an investor the opportunity to conduct his own research on dealers and make his own decisions about what to do with his money.

Just what is a self directed IRA, and is it subject to traditional IRA withdrawal rules? A self directed checkbook IRA is one mandating that the owner of the account make choices pertaining to all investments on behalf of the actual retirement plan. According to Internal Revenue Code Section 408, a self directed checkbook IRA may not encompass life insurance, rugs, precious metals, artwork, coins, gems, beverages containing alcohol, stamps, or most other collectible items.

When you apply for a self directed checkbook IRA, the first thing that will happen is that an LLC will be put into place. For this LLC, you will be appointed as the manager, sans compensation, of course, for your IRA . Once your self directed checkbook IRA has been finalized, you can set up a checking account in the name of your LLC at any bank you like. This checking account and its associated self directed checkbook IRA will then serve the purpose of being an investing platform for you. For instance, should you decide to buy an asset for your IRA, you can write a check from your self directed checkbook IRA. Doing so will put you firmly in the drivers seat when it comes to your retirement investing. When you have a self directed checkbook IRA, you alone remain at the helm of your retirement ship. Learn more at this link.

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