What You Need to Know about Moonshine

Make apple pie moonshine

Moonshine is a term that is synonymous with home made high alcohol whiskey. In addition to a high alcohol content, moonshine is also generally thought of as illegal. In fact, its very name is thought to have been derived from the term “moonrakers,” which was a name for early English alcohol smugglers who operated clandestinely by the light of the moon.

While other alcohols, like beer and cider, can be made legally in most states at home without any special licenses, spirits like whiskey are illegal to distill at home, a holdover from the days of prohibition. Regardless of the law, many hobbyists continue distilling whiskey at home, and a subculture of home brew whiskey makers has grown up around the practice. These enthusiasts share everything from moonshine whiskey recipes to home distilling kits.

Far from the idea of gun totting, red neck gangsters, most moonshine makers are peaceful people who love perfecting the craft and practice of figuring out how to distill whiskey at home. While rumors persist of moonshine made from antifreeze and other unsavory chemicals, most moonshine makers take pride in their craft and generally use the finest ingredients to produce the best whiskey possible.

If you are interested in creating your own moonshine, remember that technically it is illegal. Second, you should be prepared to take no short cuts when creating a home whiskey still. This is because a poorly constructed whiskey still can produce unsafe whiskey and may also pose a fire hazard. It is recommended that you thoroughly research how to make moonshine online, before beginning. The internet is also a great place to find moonshine whiskey recipes. Here is good moonshine!

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