What is Content Based SEO and Why Does it Work?

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93 percent of internet users begin their online experience with a search engine. Of these people, 75 percent of them never even click beyond the first page of search results. That is why getting a website onto the first page of search results is crucial in determining how much traffic it receives. Seo resellers understand what it takes to comply with Google search commands, and they will employ various strategies to ensure a website receives more visits. Content based SEO, for example, is quickly becoming the new way to do internet marketing. Before deciding to implement it, it is important to first understand what it is and how it works.

What is content based SEO? Content based Seo simply means that as more content is produced on, or by, a website, the more traffic it will receive. The Google algorithm responds positively to websites that constantly produce fresh, new content by ranking them more highly on search results. In order to know what keywords to write about, however, research must be done to see what keywords are popularly searched. All content based entries must include the keywords in order to be promoted on search engines and social media.

Why does content based SEO work? This SEO strategy works because it constantly keeps users informed and up do date with new entries. This can be achieved through blogs, articles, videos, product pages, and lists. In fact, 60 percent of content sharing messages mention a product name when they are specific to an industry, and half of companies state they have acquired new customers through their online blogs. When specific keywords are searched, Google search commands will look for relevant websites in a specific industry that implement those keywords, and Google will deliver those websites to the user.

Seo reseller plans will tailor your content to a specific audience that you wish to attract. While content based SEO is just one factor in the search ranking equation, Google search commands have begun to make this their standard search criteria, which is why the face of internet marketing has developed into utilizing content based SEO. By building your website around these standards, it can see a significant increase in internet traffic.


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