What can happen when you owe a tax debt

Tax relief attorney

If you have a serious tax debt and have come to the end of your rope trying to fix things yourself, it is probably time for some tax attorney help.

Federal income taxes have been with us since the first year of the Civil War when congress enacted the revenue Act of 1861. This was the first national tax in America; the only precedent was when King George was taxing us as colonists. Instead of tax attorney help then, we had George Washington and John Adams.

When things go wrong with your business or your finances, you may have to tap an IRS tax attorney for assistance because the consequences of being unable to pay the tax debt are dire. The IRS can take your home, for instance. IRS tax attorneys will quickly remind you that the IRS has to go to court to throw its best punch at you, a tax levy, and a federal magistrate will have to approve it.
But the outcome is a levy against your principal residence and the IRS can seize it to recoup what you owe the government. The IRS can also levy on assets you have in a bank or brokerage. At this juncture, serious tax attorney help is required.

Tax attorney help will start with an investigation of your tax debt. IRS tax attorneys will search for ways to appeal your liability or eliminate some factors of it. You may need the special skills of an IRS debt tax attorney or an IRS tax relief attorney. Tax attorney help, especially that from a tax attorney irs specialist, is often done without a large up front fee.


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