Understanding Your Rights with IRS Debt

Irs tax problems help

Did you know that the first federal income tax was not collected until the Revenue Act of 1861? It was originally a measure meant to prop up wartime efforts but, as usual, the government decided it would be easier to do other things if it extracted more money from its citizens. The constitution does authorize the government to collect taxes, though it requires that some tax revenues be returned to the state, in proportion to their populations.

Tax laws today are much more complicated than they were in 1861, and many people need help with tax debt. It is not surprising that this happens, given that even professional tax preparers sometimes make mistakes on returns. When it does happen, however, the issues individuals face can be very taxing, in the figurative and literal sense. If you need help with tax debt, many experts recommend that you hire a lawyer or tax professional.

Hiring a lawyer when you need help with tax debt can seem daunting, and yet they will often be your best ally in the complicated legal process, often helping you to get reduced payments. One IRS tax problem people often face is the issue of wage garnishments, when is when the IRS is authorized to take a portion of your paycheck from your employer. It is illegal for your employer to fire you because of this.

Though the wages they leave are supposed to be enough to live on, many people find it very difficult to do so. A lawyer can help you reach tax debt solutions with the government that can involve restructuring your payments over a longer range of time, or paying a lump fee that is less than the total of what you owe, upfront. There are affordable tax solutions. Find more: helpwithtaxproblems.org


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