Unbelievable Cosmetic Dental Procedures!

Dental sedation

Some people seem to think that dental implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that offers an experience that feels natural. To the contrary, today’s cosmetic dentists offer a wide array of options that look and feel natural. For this reason, dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, and invisible braces continue to gaining popularity among patients with missing, broken, or decaying teeth.

Dental cosmetics have been a concern among humans for many centuries. In fact, scientists have recovered evidence that offers insight into the earliest attempts at dental implants. According to archaeologists, the Mayans tried to hammer shell fragments into the gums of women who were missing teeth. Although this early form of cosmetic surgery probably failed miserably, in addition to being very painful, it does illustrate that the human desire for a healthy set of teeth transcends eras and cultures.

Fortunately, advancements in dental sedation and cosmetic surgery spare contemporary dental patients from much of the pain and discomfort that past generations equate with dental work. More good news is that cosmetic dentistry costs are within reach of more people than ever before. Even though dental insurance doesn’t usually cover cosmetic procedures, many dentists offer their patients convenient payment plans to help them better manage the expense.

While teeth whitening has been the most popular cosmetic dental procedure for years, dental veneers are very common among patients with chips or minor breaks. Veneers have become so popular that dentists performed over 600,000 dental veneer procedures in 2007. Of all cosmetic procedures, dental veneers cost the least, but usually need replacing within 10 years.

The growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry has taken America by storm, and it is so natural-looking that it’s impossible to tell who’s had it done. But does that really matter? After all, cosmetic dentistry is all about fast procedures, dental sedation, and happy patients. So, the bottom line is if the patient feels more confident in himself or herself, that’s all that matters.

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