The Benefits of Using an SEO Company

In this day and age, internet marketing is arguably second to none in terms of importance and popularity as a method of marketing. With that said, things like search engine ranking and website content matter greatly, and companies are beginning to focus their internet marketing more on solutions like search engine optimization and mobile website optimization.

The NPD group actually reports that about 55 percent of all online purchases are made through direct use of a search engine. Therefore, companies that use search engine optimization services, like the services offered by hubshout SEO resellers, are more likely to be more successful than their peers who do not.

A study by MarketingSherpa found that businesses who implemented SEO services saw a 38 percent increase in online traffic in the time they implemented said SEO services. In addition, a Nielson report concluded that about 66 percent of search engine users use more than one search engine, so many SEO companies offer complete search engine optimization services across all search engines on the internet.

Roughly 77 percent of mobile search engine inquiries are done at home or at work, regardless of whether or not a computer is nearby. Many companies are turning to mobile website optimization as a result, because customers want to be able to access websites from their mobile devices and shop online. A number of those companies actually invest in mobile applications as well, which make online access and shopping much easier.

About 41 percent of search engine users will change the wording of their next search if the first one doesn’t yield the results they are looking for. Therefore, search engine rank optimization is one of the most important methods of internet marketing, as it can improve companies rankings and work across keywords to provide the most broad exposure and connectivity with potential clients and customers.

Companies like hubshout can help with all sorts of search engine optimization work. For many companies, talking to an SEO company can be one of the smartest things to do, as it can be the difference in generating valuable leads and helping companies gain valuable exposure on the internet. See more.

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