Solutions for Window and Glass Repair

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Before we had the comfort and safety of glass windows, other products were used like very thin sheets of marble, paper, and flattened sheets of translucent animal horn. Glass has now become the standard for our homes and vehicles. However, this material in not unbreakable, and we are sometimes faced with the burden of window and glass repair.

The most common types of household windows include fixed, single hung sash, double hung sash, horizontal sliding sash, and casement. Unless the occasional neighborhood baseball come flying through, residential glass replacement can be few and far between. When facing window and glass repair, we are usually dealing with automobile glass repair.

Our cars are much more susceptible to cracks and breakage. Keeping your windshield clean and visible is essential to your safety while driving. A woman named Charlotte Bridgewood patented an automatic windshield wiper system called the Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner in 1917. Her daughter joined her in driving safety when she invented the turn signal.

Commonly known as windscreens in the U.K., windshields now have plenty of safety regulations to keep us all safe on the road. Founded in 1970, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has since passed several regulations for automotive glass. Even with high quality options like safety auto glass, we cannot always avoid the flying rock crack, or fender bender.

If you have experienced only a small crack, you may be able to simply call for an auto glass repair service. They may even come straight to your driveway with auto glass repair kits, and fix the small crack in no time flat. Keep in mind that when they repair a small crack like this, it will cause that area of the windshield to be weakened and more susceptible to future cracks.

If the damage to your windshield requires more than simple window and glass repair, you will be looking at a windshield replacement. Although the replacement will be a bit more expensive, you can be sure your glass is solid, safe, and will last you longer. When it comes to your safety and visibility, begin researching Phoenix windshield replacement or repair. Not only will you be keeping yourself and your passengers safe, but you will be avoiding a ticket for breaking traffic safety regulations.

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