Simple, Delivery Free Water Coolers

Filtered bottleless water coolers

Believe it or not, but a Tufts University study found that they were experiencing “four times the 500 organism limit the government recommends” from 10 of their traditional bottle water coolers. Their results may have been far different with a point of use water cooler. We may think we are avoiding contamination, but a point of use water cooler may be a better, safer solution. The bottleless water coolers work to provide quality water without the need for scheduled deliveries, clunky bottles and other related issues.

You are probably familiar with a bottleless water dispenser, they are an alternative to the traditional bottle supplied filtered water coolers. You should have a clean, consistent source of drinking water. Besides other health benefits from staying hydrated, water can reduce fat deposits in your body. Where you get your water from matters, but it is no secret that almost all bottled water producers use the municipal water supply and filter it prior to bottling. You can save resources by choosing a point of use water cooler for your filtered water needs.

When the average individual goes through almost 80 to 100 gallons of water each day, it makes sense to reduce other resources such as bottle packaging as supporting resources. Early water coolers had to rely on large ice blocks to cool the water, but these were heavy, cumbersome and high maintenance. Your point of use water cooler has all of the advantages of these coolers without the maintenance and overhead. For more information see this.

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