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The internet is an extremely important part of marketing and sales for businesses today. Online sales are projected to grow from seven percent of overall retail sales to almost nine percent in just a few short years. Brick and mortar stores are facing challenges today more than ever when competing with online retailers. With all of this information it is easy to see why online presence is so important for businesses.

A very high percentage of people say that when they begin their online experience their first stop is a search engine. The industry of search engines is worth roughly 16 billion dollars. That is because of the constant use that it gets. Most of these people also say that when they search something they only look at the results that come up on the first page. That is why it is important to be on that first page. With help from the best seo reseller you can get closer to your goal.

If you are unaware what SEO resellers do, it is not all that difficult. SEO or search engine optimization is a field designed to create articles with specific keywords and back links to increase the organic ranking of a site by improving overall quality and content visibility. Seo reseller programs may help to increase your website visibility and therefore bring in customers that you may have never had before. With online search engines also comes the latest trend of social media. Social media reseller programs can go hand in hand with SEO reseller programs. In 2011 28 percent of social media marketing was outsourced, only a couple years later that number is up to 30 percent. Hiring a social media reseller to help with your socia media marketing could allow you to focus your energy on the central aspects of your business instead.

With so much emphasis on the internet your business should be sure to have the correct online marketing and sales professionals in your corner. Hiring and SEO or social media reseller to specifically focus on your online marketing campaign could be a very smart choice. Let the online marketing professionals focus all their attention on getting you results.

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