New Book? Consider On Demand Book Printing

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In the old days before the advent of new technologies, writers were often put into a rather expensive bind. If you wrote a book, you were often required to buy hundreds if not thousand of copies that you would have to store until booksellers placed an order. This created a huge upfront cost for self publishers.

Luckily, today we have on demand book printing. This means that you do not have to order or print books until you get an order from a seller. So, how do you go about the process of on demand book printing, other than actually writing that book?

First, you will need to choose a digital book printing company or printers that provides print on demand services. These POD services will keep a digital version of your book and only print copies as required, hence the name on demand book printing. Some of these printing companies also offer design services that will help you layout your book, as well as design the cover. Some of these on demand book printing companies will also make your book available online.

After choosing the on demand book printing company you want to use, you will need to layout your book if you are not using a printer that will be doing that for you. The on demand booking printing company will provide you with instructions to layout the book size and margins. You may want to look at other books for layout ideas.

You will then create a cover. Again, you will be using the dimensions and specifications provided by your on demand book printing company. One of the best ways is to design three or four covers and then start combining the graphic elements to come up with the perfect cover for your book. If you have graphic design experience, this should be fairly easy. Because the cover is important, you may want to enlist the services of a design professional to help you if you do not have great skills in this area.

You may be required to convert the document to the format that your on demand book printing services requires. Then you will simply send the file to the printer electronically. And of course, you can now start marketing and taking orders for your new book!

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