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Delta cooling towers

Cooling towers may either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet bulb air temperature, known as evaporative cooling towers, or, in the case of closed circuit dry cooling towers, rely on air only to cool the working fluid to near the dry bulb air temperature. Common applications for these cooling towers include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, petrochemical and other chemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings.

When looking for aeration tower systems for your home, be sure that the cooling tower manufacturer uses corrosion proof materials in their aeration tower systems. Cooling tower systems made with metals rather than corrosion proof plastics do not have long term corrosion protection that is advantageous for outdoor use. These aeration tower systems can rust, flake, chip, or peel, and can need additional painting or protective coatings applied to them. Seamless aeration tower systems are also beneficial, because there are no seams, panels, rivets, or fasteners that can fail or compromise the performance of the aeration tower systems. When it comes to aeration tower systems, simpler is better. Less separate parts means less pieces that can break off or become damaged and make the system malfunction. Finding a cooling system without any extra shafts, couplings, or bearings to maintain means exactly that, that you will not have to maintain these pieces. These systems will be lower maintenance and will provide less potential upkeep issues than more complicated systems that achieve the same purpose.

Another thing to make sure is that your cooling tower system comes with a warranty. This is proof that the company has faith in its product, and that they want you to be happy and remain happy with the product you purchase. To learn more, read this.

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