How Trailer Rentals Benefit Trucking Companies

Leasing trailer

Did you know over 400,000 people living in Canada work for the trucking industry? In fact, there are over 260,000 truckers employed by the trucking industry in Canada. Owner operators and trucking companies have a wide variety of options to choose from if they want to rent trailer. Companies offering trailer leasing and trailer maintenance services are valuable to both owner operators and trucking companies. Back in July of 2012, Canada experienced a 71 percent increase of overall loads crossing the border. Overall loads shipped inside of Canada jump 25 percent as well. The trucking industry is definitely a huge market in Canada, as well as the United States.

Companies providing trailer sales and options to rent trailer may offer refrigerated trailers, which are crucial for hauling produce. A company called Baird was the first to use refrigerated trailers back in 1929. By 1987, the Montreal Protocol changed the type of coolant used to regulate the temperature inside trailers. Freon is no longer used in reefer trailers because Freon produces a harmful chemical known as chlorofluorocarbons. One of the main reasons why our society enjoys fresh produce is because of reefer trailers. Trailer rentals benefit trucking companies if a trucking company requires an emergency trailer because of maintenance issue with another trailer. Before trucking companies rent trailer, they will go over their options and compare prices between leasing companies.

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