How to Choose the Right Dog Food

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With so many free dog food coupons available online, your choices of what to feed little Buddy have multiplied! But what selection do you make? And how can you select carefully? Do you use the free dog food coupons to get natural dog food or do you just go for the best deal? A dog’s diet is a lot like a human’s, meaning that they too need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and grains. Additionally, there are other factors that need consideration, too, which means that you need to be careful with which freed dog food coupons you use.

According to Web MD, there are three factors that determine which kind of dog food your pup needs. These are: age, weight and activity level. A three-year-old Mastiff that plays and goes running is going to need a lot more food than a nine-year-old Terrier that sits in your lap all day.

You also have to choose whether you want to buy dry or wet food with your free dog food coupons. According to the Dog Food Advisor, dry kibble is the most popular dog food choice because of its affordability and convenience. However, it’s not the best health wise, they say. The site writes, “Canned foods can be some of the best (and most overlooked) choices available.”

So the answer is that there is no right answer. Choosing the right dog food all depends on what kind of furry friend you have. The labels on most dog food also have some insight into what they offer. You can also speak with your vet to help determine how much and what kind of dog food your canine should be eating. So, when using your free dog food coupons, remember to shop based on your pup, and not your pocket book! If you have any questions about choosing the right dog food or about free dog food coupons, feel free to ask in the comments!

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