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In 1787, along with the adoption of the United States Constitution, the right for government to collect taxes came into being. Provisions to give some of the collected taxes back to the states in amounts that correlated with each state’s population became law at that time as well. In 1861, the Revenue Act passed and the federal income tax came into being. Local taxes are also levied, such as the 10 cent tax on a pack of playing cards in Alabama. With the tax laws being so complex and the sheer numbers of Americans who need help filing their taxes, the tax preparation services have become big business in this country. In fact, according to the Cato Institute, there are about 1.2 million tax preparation services in America today. Thousands of Americans also need help with tax problems when they fall behind on making their tax payments. Tax problem help is easy to find now.

The percentage amount taxed on income depends on the amount of income you make in a year. In other words, federal tax rates vary for different income brackets. In fact, the tax rates range from 10 percent 39 percent . The highest percentages are on the highest taxable incomes. Citizens can get IRS back tax help by going to a tax resolution service today. Filing taxes is something we all have to do. Some people may think they can get away with not filing, but the IRS soon catches up with them.

When you do not pay your taxes you will eventually get a letter from the IRS informing you of their intention to put a lien on your house, which will send you scrambling for IRS tax problem help. You may also experience IRS wage garnishment. The IRS can levy your bank account and seize assets. You do not want to ignore your tax problem. Go to a professional tax resolution service when you need help with tax debt. This is something you want to do right away.

Taxpayers may not be aware of various tax debt solutions that are available to them today. The IRS is willing to negotiate a fair tax settlement with delinquent taxpayers. Certain rules and requirements apply though. Getting professional IRS tax problem help is essential. The good news is that many tax resolution services offer affordable IRS tax problem help. Get the Irs tax problem help you need today.
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