Gated Communities Promote a Friendly Neighborhood Lifestyle

Gated communities in houston

The fourth largest city in the United States, and the largest city in Texas, is Houston. It has a growing population of over 2 million people, and to accommodate them, there is a lot of Houston land for sale. One increasingly popular Houston land property type is the gated community home.

Gated communities are often criticized for their strict adherence to uniformity, collected dues, and sheltered feel. These points are true and might not work for everyone, but they are not always detrimental qualities. The reality of living within a gated community, for families that find it affordable, is often the picture of neighborly social experience, with the added benefit of safety and security provided by the gates themselves. Land montgomery county, for example, has that classic Southern feel, while being conveniently located to the metropolitan area of Houston.

It is true that gated communities built on Houston land have relatively strict building codes. This will probably prevent you from painting your door or windows bright yellow, so for very creative types, gated communities in Houston might be a no go. I lived for several months with my aunt and uncle in their gated community, and at times, I definitely commiserated with them over rules that seemed arbitrary yet said they could not paint their house the shade they wanted to. Uniformity, however, promotes a higher standard of home quality. Building uniformity increases property and land value. Houston land is already quick to sell on the market, so the benefit is ultimately to the home owner.

The social value of living in a gated community in Houston should not be overlooked when considering what land to purchase. Events are held at community centers where neighbors can get to know one another, most have community pools, parents know that their children are safe during daytime playtime and protected during the night, and it is a comfortable way to experience Houston, Texas life. Business and employment in Texas right now is booming, so when looking for a community that will be a good fit for your family, remember there is Houston texas land for sale.


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