Forget Moving Deadlines Rent a Pod and Take Your Time!

Storage pods

If you are moving, consider creating a comprehensive checklist first. Experts agree that this is essential to organizing a successful move, especially if it is long distance. Also, you will want to think about what things you want to keep, what you want to sell or throw away, and how much space you have in your new location. If you are a new college graduate, you might not have accumulated as many things, even though you have probably relocated more than the average high school graduate. In this case, a van or car might suffice. But if you are choosing a new neighborhood that is closer to work, which is the biggest reason people move in the first place, perhaps the best way to move would be researching moving pods for rent.

Moving pods are convenient because they allow to pack your things at your own pace. Moving pods companies drop off pods at people’s houses and they do not specify a pick up or delivery date. This way, people can take their time, box up their belongings, and arrange them in the pod. Whenever you are ready, you can call the company to pick up the pod and transport it to your new location, whether it is down the street or across the country. You do not necessarily have to be there when it arrives either; they will drop it off and you can open it when you arrive. Pods also act as a portable storage unit, and moving pods companies will store your pod in a secure location if you do not want the pod sitting at your new address unattended.

Renting a pod can ease the tension of having to hurry, and it also allows you to be in control of your move. Professional packing and moving companies often have deadlines that you have to meet, and they will not always do the best job. Many people hire moving companies every year to relocate. In fact, in 2010, 6.7 households moved in America. Even though this is a fairly high number, the migration rate now is 11.9 percent, down about 8 percent from the mid 1960s. But for the millions of Americans who elect to move, planning and organizing a long distance move, or even one on the other side of the city, is a good first step. The best second step might be getting a pod. For more information, read this website:

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