Exchange ActiveSync Can Help You Make Your Network Secure

Exchange activesync

If you are not sure what Exchange ActiveSync is, at its core, it is an application that will allow users to access company email from any device. By finding a solution to Activesync android devices, you can be certain that all employees will be able to easily use their mobile devices to get company email or work calendar updates. While ActiveSync has built in security features, they may not be as secure as your company really needs to keep data protected and this is where applications that are meant to provide an extra level of security come into play.

With regards to MDM, a system that is cloud based allow for a seamless integration of devices within enterprise systems. With Exchange ActiveSync, your company can allow employees to use their mobile devices to access email, but all devices need to be secure and with the right security add on, this is possible. Getting help creating Activesync security policies is important because you will be able to keep your company’s data and network safe, while allowing employees to access important emails on their mobile devices.

With nearly 50 percent of companies that have BYOD in place having had security breaches, there is a major need for security policies to be as powerful as possible. When your company finds a software firm that offers a variety of solutions, you can feel confident that you will be able to get a security solution that works with Exchange ActiveSync. Selecting the right software firm will allow you to get a solution that is exactly what your company needs.

When utilizing Exchange ActiveSync on mobile devices, it is important that you have an MDM solution in place so that when an issue occurs, your IT team can remotely wipe the data on the device. Using the right software application will help you to keep your data safe while allowing employees the freedom that they need. Being able to access email on the go is important to productivity.

Nearly 33 percent of employees that use their mobile device for work related activities are using company data that is not encrypted or secure. When you use Exchange ActiveSync to let employees access email on their mobile devices, security is key to prevent everything from falling apart. When you find the right software firm, you will be able to get the right kind of help to make your devices as safe as possible.


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