Commercial Sinks for Any Modern Bathroom

Walk in bathtub

Commercial sinks are available in an amazingly wide variety of looks, sizes and styles. They are also available in an equally wide variety of materials. There have actually been several advancements in the world of commercial sinks and modern toilets. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a competition recently for a modern toilet design that is environmentally friendly. The competition was called the Reinvent the Toilet Fair.

Bathroom vanities and sinks, like most modern commercial sinks, are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are also water efficient toilets and commercial sinks that can do the same job with less than half of the water nowadays. Before the 1950s, household toilets usually went through 7 gallons or more with each flush. After the 1960s, toilets were designed to operate with only 5.5 gallons per flush, and then only 3.5 gallons in the 1980s. Today new commercial toilets will use no more than 1.6 gallons of water in the United States.

Some people may not know how long ago the ancestors of commercial sinks, toilets and bathtubs came about. An ancient version of the modern flush toilet was installed at Richmond Palace, during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I around 1600. She later refused it because of the noise that it caused.

Those looking to redesign or replace older things in their bathrooms may also be interested in newer bathtubs. With a walk in tub, the owner will have the option of filling the tub after entering it, or using a simple hand held shower attachment to bathe themselves. These “soaking tubs” are ergonomically designed. They are much deeper than traditional bathtubs, making it possible for one to fully immerse themselves. Along with modern toilets and new commercial sinks, the options to redo ones bathroom these days are practically limitless!


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