Buying New Glasses is Easier Than Ever Before

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According to 2012 estimates by the Vision Council, men and women both will purchase a new pair of eye glasses every 2.2 years or so. While some will do so because they live an active lifestyle that caused them to break a pair, others might need a new glasses prescription because their sight has continued to deteriorate. Over time, that can get frustrating, especially for those with tight budgets, since roughly half of all glasses purchased cost between $100 and $149. Spending that money every couple of years can be a nuisance, if not a difficult expense to manage, so finding low-cost options is always aglasses online is the best way to save a bit of money on new frames and lenses. Though independent retailers like Frames Direct sell more than half of the high quality eye glasses priced over $100 in the United States, discount stores and chains often sell less expensive models. Thousands of people who wear glasses will head to those websites to try to find alternatives to expensive options every year. In fact, almost 80% of people who bought frames online in the last six months of 2012 said that they were likely to buy online again.

Though buying great eye glasses is easier than ever before, many people prefer to wear contacts instead. The list of benefits is long, but it includes the fact that lenses are worn right on the eye for more natural vision, there is no weight or discomfort, and they will never fog up, among other things. Though they can be a great option for anybody, the number of women who wear contacts nearly doubles the amount of men who do in the United States. But despite that trend, they are always a great, and often more convenient, alternative.

Before investing in glasses or contacts, anyone who is having trouble with their eyesight should be sure to talk with an eye doctor. Though it can be tempting to grab a cheap pair off the rack in a pharmacy, getting the right prescription can go a long way towards both providing better vision and helping remedy any persistent problems. So taking the time to make an appointment or two and get the right pair is a necessary step before investing in a new pair of glasses. For more information, read this website.

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