6 Tips for More Efficient Moves


There’s no two ways around the fact that moving is stressful. From the time the pods arrive to the moment the movers drop off your things and leave you alone in your new home, there’s a whirlwind of confusion as you try to pack your life up in some way that makes sense and transfer it efficiently to a new and foreign place. Long distance movers in particular have it tough. It’s not just about the stress of the packing and unpacking, but the uncertainty of relocating to a new place.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to try to help you out with the in between stuff. There a lot of little life hacks that can make your process so much simpler.

  1. Keep it Where You Can See It

    It’s always a good idea to keep one box that contains all the things you’ll need when you first arrive at your new place. Snacks, a change of clothes, cleaning products, hygiene stuff, a shower curtain, bed sheets, a coffee maker, and anything else that you might want should go in that box. The trick is being able to find that box in the midst of all those other ones you packed. The best way to do that is to store all those items in a clear plastic bin. You’ll be able to spot them quickly, and they’ll all be in one place!

  2. It’s the Little Things

    It might not sound like that big of a deal, but turning the doorknob every time you enter or exit the house gets to be kind of a pain, especially when your arms are laden with boxes. If you want to still keep critters out, but aren’t in a position of great dexterity, attach a rubber band around both sides of a doorknob so that it keeps the latch down.

  3. Remember High School Physics

    Your plates are much more likely to shift and break if you stack them in a box than if you organize them vertically like records. Use some plastic or some tee shirts to put some stuffing around them for a little extra padding.

  4. Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

    Many movers have been baffled and frustrated to unpack a box full of cables and cords that has mysteriously been tied into knots too advanced for Blackbeard himself. Instead of falling prey to that nonsense, fill a box with standing rows of toilet paper rolls, roll up each cord or cable individually, and store it inside its own roll.

  5. Be Efficient

    Pack your clothes in plastic bags instead of boxes, and attach multiple bags to a large metal clip. This will allow you to carry more of them in one trip and get the packing and unpacking done much quicker.

  6. Create a Rolling Library

    Any mover who has ever tried hauling a box full of books knows how horribly heavy they are. Pack them in a rolling suitcase instead of a box to make it easier. They usually have those straps that can keep them from shifting around, and they’re much easier to roll than they are to lift.


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